Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Everyone Deserves

I havent felt too much like writing lately even though there is a lot going on in the world to write about. I worry about it all, of course. But I find it easy on a beautiful July day to ignore such important things. I spent the day at a local beach with my friend Debbie and her kids. When the sky is a cloudless perfect blue and one is having swimming races with a ten year old and an eight year old, it is hard to imagine that anything in the world can happen to change things.

When I allow myself to think beyond idylic summer days in Michigan, I sometimes get sad that everyone in the world cant enjoy such things. Everyone should be able to feel the sun on their face while chatting with a close friend. Everyone should have a wonderful healthy lunch packed. Everyone should be able to close their eyes and listen to children laughing. Everyone should know they have a bed to collapse in when the swimming and the sun and the just being so alive that it consumes one's soul, exhausts one into a state of sleepy bliss. Everyone should be able to feel safe and a million miles away from bombs and missles and hatred.

Those are things that everyone deserves but not everyone gets.


Anonymous said...

Yes, everyone does deserve that.

Proshat said...

Everyone deserve that... but we do not always get what we deserve. We have to be thankful that we are still living & we have to pray for those in Lebonan & Israel to live & see the peace one agin.