Friday, July 21, 2006

Trivial Things

I still cant bring myself to write about the world events that are at the front of my mind these days other than to say that I got an email today from my friend in Beruit and he and his family are ok which has eased my mind some.

I am more interested in documenting the trivial at the moment. When I think about it though, it is a perfectly acceptable coping mechanism as long as I dont tune out so much that I stop voting or working for change.

Recently I saw an interesting site in my front yard. I saw a groundhog *asleep* in a tree. I have never seen such a thing before and hope that it doesnt mean that it is sick. It was funny because when the dogs noticed it, they went CRAZY and barked and barked. The groundhog opened an eye and apparently decided that it was safe from the dogs and promptly went back to sleep. I checked back a couple hours later and it was gone. I havent seen it since.

Now that my brother and his wife have *finally* gotten through their immigration headaches, my brother is moving out of Washington DC and is heading for a place in the 'burbs. He sent me his address and I sneakily used the Google spy website to determine that his apartment complex has a pool. hehehe. So, if I go visit him for a weekend next summer, it wont matter too much to me if it is really hot. Gotta love Google.

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