Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Morning Gamble

I spent the morning with a friend in Detroit. She got a coupon for a free brunch from MGM casino so I went with her because I have a fondness for brunch buffets. MGM's is only $13 or so and for that price it is pretty nice. We played the slots for a couple of hours after we ate and she lost $60 and I broke even which was cool. I had set a $40 limit for myself before we went. I dont know why but I love slot machines and casinos. I love the way they sound and all the blinking lights and stuff.

But it always amazes me how much money other people are willing to lose. I mean, I thought the $60 limit my friend gave herself was a lot being that it was a whole $20 more thanI was willing to shell out. But some of the people there were losing HUNDREDS. In fact, while I was playing one of the machines the woman on the machine next to me won $1000! She didnt seem too excited about it though. I mean if I won a grand on a slot machine I would be all up dancing around the joint and screaming "oh my god, oh my god" but she just sat there. I asked her why she wasnt very excited and she said that she had already lost that much playing the slots that day. I think my eyes bugged out when I said, "You've already lost a grand?"

She said, "Well I've been here since 9a" with a tone that suggested that I was silly to think losing a thousand dollars gambling was any big deal (It was around 1p at that time)

It is too bad that I didnt win big too. There is a house across the street from my parents' house that is for sale and I really wish I could afford to buy it. It is $275,000 which is a real bargain for that house but it might as well be a million dollars since I simply cant afford it. My sister wants to buy it too but she cant afford to buy it either. She suggested that we buy it together but then when I seemed agreeable to that, wished she hadnt suggested it because she thinks I am too much of a slob to share a house with. HAHA. But it has a partially finished basement that has a bathroom and the plumbing in place for a kitchen so it could be easily converted into a small apartment. Of course, I would have to sell my house first and houses arent selling quickly here in Ypsi. So it will probably never happen. Oh well. It would have been nice to live up at the lake with built in doggy care in the form of my mother living right across the street.


E-Speed said...

I have a $20 limit, I was all excited when I won $40 in Windsor :)

portuguesa nova said...

What was shocking to me...or not so shocking, I guess...was the complete and utter desertedness of the streets of Detroit, and how packed the casinos are. Scary.

And the place is truly full of people who can't afford to be losing cash.

islandarts said...

I always set a 20$ limit for myself but our machines only take quarters and it doesn't last as long as it did in Vegas on the nickle slots.

Wow, that house would be a BARGAIN BASEMENT deal around here!! I want to move in, sight unseen LOL!!