Saturday, July 29, 2006


Sometimes I feel that I have been the most unlucky woman in the world when it comes to dating. Generally, I have a hard time finding dates and when I do, I seldom like the guys enough to go on more than one or two dates. Part of the problem is my weight, it is true, but I suspect that even if I were drop dead gorgeous, I would still have problems. I guess I am picky. I generally think that is a good thing though because I firmly believe it is better to be single than with the wrong person. I mean, all one has to do is listen to a Lucinda Williams album to be reminded of THAT.

Anyhow, as much as I feel unlucky, every now and then I am reminded that I am not the most unlucky woman nor have I even encountered the real jerks out there. Check this out if you want to see what I mean:

The Worst Date Ever


E-Speed said...

wow. Sometimes people are unbelieveable. thank goodness I am married :)

Lynne said...

I know, Elizabeth, it is NUTS. Thank Goodness, I havent ever encountered a guy like that