Monday, July 03, 2006

Boring Stuff

My internet connection went down on Friday. Ugh. I hardly even notice how much I depend on my internet service until it goes down. It was funny too because it has become so natural for me to look things up on the internet that I hardly know what to do when I have some desire to know something and cant immediately look it up. For instance, I was watching a movie this weekend and I thought the actor had aged more than I would have expected so I was curious about how old he was and then realized I couldn’t look it up! Ugh. It is just my luck to have my DSL go down on the first day of a long holiday weekend.

So I spent my day on Saturday talking to people on the phone and reading books instead of blogs. I even managed to do a little yard work. Actually, I did about two solid hours of yard work and I barely made a dent into what I think needs to be done. Oh well. I guess that is how it is with yards.

On Sunday, I went to a family party. It was very fun and we all had a good time. I played a very simplified version of croquet with my cousins. By simplified, I mean: no real rules. It was fun though. I think there might be a croquet set up at my parents house. I’ll have to look for it.

Larry Hawkins's funeral is going to be next Saturday. I hope to get a chance to see Anna before then though. I am going to a movie with Kate tonight.

And that, is pretty much what is going on with my life at the moment.

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Proshat said...

Internet is taking up so much of my time these days too. I guess that is not a bad thing to be without it time to time.
We learn to get back to good old days where every question would be answered by encaclopedias (sp?) & we get to do the jobs that we were meant to do a long time ago.