Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Giving up

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance" -Oscar Wilde

Recently I was watching the last season of a favorite TV show. They were kind of wrapping things up and in the last episode, they had a character who had spent the entirety of the series looking for a partner make a speech about how he finally realized that he didnt need someone in his life to make him whole and how even if he never found someone, he would be happy. Within ten seconds of making that speech, in walks the love of his life as if that where the reward for finally accepting himself.

Our culture is so obsesssed with people being coupled. Even dramas that explore the notion that a person can be happy single end up hooking everyone up in the end. I sometimes think the message is: You wont find someone until you finally give up and accept that you are ok being single but then you will suddenly find someone. Which is silly because if the reason someone is "giving up" is so they will find someone, they arent really giving up at all. Just once I would like to see a TV show where the character makes a speech like that and then actually stays single because they wont settle and are happier alone than with the wrong person.

If my life were a one hour TV drama, I would give up that notion around 10 seconds before the premier of such a show on ABC.


Anonymous said...

Not a tv show, actually, but if you get a chance, watch the movie The Break Up.

I liked it. :) And I don't want to give anything away too much... so.. yeah. :)


islandarts said...

Saw the break up and I enjoyed it. It goes along with what you're saying here. I agree wholey with what you say here. Society is obsessed with a lot of things and I hate it when people think things are 'supposed' to be a certain way because of

Proshat said...

Couplehood is the universal problem! I can not see why people cannot be 'Islands entire of themselves?'

Lynne said...

Hey Ali! Hows it going?

I think I am going to wait until The Break Up is on DVD or at the dollar movies. I am cheap like that. Still, thanks for the recomendation

islandarts. Yes I wonder why society gets so obsessed with certain things.

proshat, I think that people can be complete and not even have to be islands unto themselves even if they are single :)