Monday, August 07, 2006

Ypsilanti Primary Elections – WARD 3 Council Race

I am going to be voting for Brian Robb for City Council

In the ward 3 city council race, there are two very good candidates, Rod Johnson and Brian Robb. Both are very involved in the community. Both are nice enough. Both live close to me so I would imagine that they understand the needs of the neighborhood. Both seem to be intelligent enough to handle the job without doing anything crazy. I like to think that if my lawn were to be inappropriately mowed, I could send either one an email and have them take me seriously at least to my face. I can honestly say that no matter which one of them wins, we will have a good person to represent us on the council (assuming there isn’t a surprise upset during the November elections where an independent or republican wins).

But, in this primary, one can only vote for one person for this seat. I am voting for Brian Robb and let me tell you all why. While both candidates are involved with the neighborhood association, Brian has made me feel like I would be welcome at a neighborhood meeting. While both candidates are involved with city government, Brian is the only one who regularly attends city council meetings and then, on top of that, provides an invaluable community service by posting about such meetings on his blog. He also did that YpsiCrime website which I have to admit I stopped reading after I realized how boring it was. There was hardly any crime at all on my block!

Brian also seems to have a great understanding of a lot of issues facing our city. I don’t know if Rod Johnson does or not because when he came by house, I was in the middle of grooming my dog on my bed (and I KNOW that was a dumb place to brush the dog), and I had practically brushed enough hair for a whole ‘nother dog. I had it all piled up on the edge of my bed all nice and neat. Anyhow, when Rod Johnson knocked at my door, my dog saw it as the perfect opportunity to escape from the brush torture and pretend she had more important things to do like guarding my house from politicians. She jumped up and ran RIGHT THROUGH the pile of dog fur. It went flying all over the room and all over me. I was so annoyed that I swore like a sailor without thinking about who might be at my door. When I finally answered it, I was wearing my "Sunday Clothes" which in my case means I was wearing my oldest rattiest outfit and I was covered with huge clumps of dog hair. Anyhow, I was annoyed at the dog and annoyed at myself for grooming her inside when I could have easily done it outside and I was embarrassed to have been caught off guard so I just took his little brochure and didn’t ask any questions.

I was going to call him up later and ask some questions but then when I really thought about it, even if he gave all the right answers to my concerns for the city, I would still vote for Brian Robb and I didn’t want to waste his time. But I will say that based on his brochure, he would have given all of the answers I would want to hear.

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