Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Moment in Time

I love Michigan in the summertime. I LOVE IT! I spent a long day at the lake today. I spent at least two hours swimming and throwing tennis balls into the lake for the dogs to chase. I am tired.

It is hot now and so muggy that it feels like I am swimming through the air when I walk around. I can smell flowers and grass. In the distance I can see faint sparks of lightning that promise a cool night's sleep and the end to the muggy days of hot sticky weather.

It reminds me of a night a long time ago when I sat on a porch with a good friend on a similar summer evening. I dont remember what we talked about but I am sure it was meaningful and deep or at least as meaningful and deep as conversations between 21 year olds can be. Anyhow, whatever it was about that moment, it has stuck with me and I think of it now everytime I find myself sitting on my porch on a hot sticky night watching lightning in the distance.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your posts, Lynne. They either remind me of my own experiences or encourage me to see something new within the familiar. Very nice. Just thought you should know. mremmers

Lynne said...