Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ypsilanti Elections Follow Up

Well, the big local election is over. Brian Robb appears to have won the council seat in the third ward which makes me pretty happy because I know he will do a good job. Plus, last night while I was out walking my dogs, I ran into him and his SO, Kate. Kate was especially nice to my dogs which might be the new "kissing babies" political move. Or it might be just that she is nice to dogs. What can I say? People who are nice to dogs and people who live with people who are nice to dogs are alright with me.

Paul Schreiber will be our new mayor. He probably wont help me as much personally as his predecesor has in the past. You see, a few years ago current mayor, Cheryl Farmer, came by my house to campaign. While we were on the porch talking, she asked me if I smelled gas and I didnt. I think I must have become used to the smell or something. Anyhow, I called Michcon and sure enough, there was a gas leak in my house. So you see Cheryl Farmer SAVED MY LIFE. But just to be fair and to give Mr. Schreiber an opportunity, I will be swimming ALONE and DRUNK at NIGHT in Sandy Bottom Lake in South Lyon sometime later this summer.

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islandarts said...

You are hilarious Lynee LOL. Maybe I should let people into my house to chat... but I fear they would say something like "Do you smell a poopy diaper??".
mmmmm, ya I think I'll keep everyone outside, let the poop smell kill me.