Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You Cant Go Home Again

Last night I had to go over to the North side of Ann Arbor for a Grex board meeting. I used to live over on that side of town and used to take walks through the woods in a park over there called Sugarbush Park. I figured that since it wasn’t too hot, I would bring the dogs, leave them in the car during the meeting, and then we could all go for a walk in the woods before dark.

I wish I had charged up the batteries in my camera because it was an extraordinarily beautiful walk. There were ducks in little woodland ponds. There were these really beautiful pink flowers on the forest floor. And oddly, lots of women out walking who all in one way or another resembled my mother (that was kind of creepy actually). I walked by the house I used to live in and noticed that they were doing some pretty major renovations. I kind of wondered what they were up to. I always thought it was an ugly house but maybe they’ll make it nice.

I went over to the play area where a LONG time ago, Gary and I sat while blasting Wagner on the stereo from the house on the other side of the park. That was such a funny moment in my life. One thing I regret about getting older is that I have become much more boring and thusly have fewer such moments. While the world (and certainly my current neighbors) probably are glad that I no longer feel the need to test theories such as “you can turn up your music as loud as you want to and if it is Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries no one will call the cops to complain”, I had so much fun doing stuff like that that I miss it. I guess I don’t miss it enough to actually do any of that stuff again but still I miss being the sort of person who WOULD do stuff like that.

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