Monday, May 22, 2006


I have been in a bad mood for most of the weekend to one degree or another. I havent called anyone back or replied to emails. (sorry folks, it doesnt mean that I dont love you!)

I am not entirely sure what it is about but I think I might be fighting off a cold that seems to be going around at work. I would much rather be a little cranky than have a full blown cold so really I am not complaining. More explaining.

So, when I am cranky, I become very intolerant of other people. I dont know what to do about that. I know that constantly yelling WILL YOU PLEASE STOP SNORTING YOUR SNOT! is probably just as annoying to people as the original snot snorting. But, Jesus Christ! It is bugging me today. To be fair, I think that both of the offenders are making an effort but like a lot of habits, it is hard to break.

But of course, when a person wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, they will find everything annoying (and by wrong side of the bed, I mean the side that is in the Eastern Time Zone. The right side of the bed would have been on a beach in Hawaii.) Today, a guy in my department came to me to ask me a question about what to do. I assume he came to me rather than someone else because I am an expert in the subject he was asking about. Now granted, I did have a bit of a tone with him because I am feeling cranky and his arrival at my cube meant that I had to take off my headphones thus subjecting myself to THE SNOT SNORTERS. He asked me a question about what to do about a particular problem and I told him what to do. He didnt like my answer. He argued with me about it and I was NOT in the mood for that. So I pretty much said, "well you figure it out then"

He decided to go over my head and take the issue to my boss who, of course, dropped the thing into my lap. So what did I do with this problem? I did *exactly* what I told this other guy to do and because I am a Goddess and know a whole hell of a lot, it worked and solved the issue. Damn, that pissed me off.

This happens to me all the time. People come to me and ask me a question. Then, they dont like the answer I give them either because it involves having them do some work or because it doesnt make sense to them. If I try to explain why I am telling them to do something though, they often don’t seem to want to stand there and listen . So they refuse to do what I recommend and then the case eventually lands on my desk where I fix it by doing exactly what I said to do in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if this is because I am a woman or if they do this sort of thing to everyone else on the team.

Anyways, it bugs the shit out of me.

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