Friday, May 19, 2006

On my mind...

I haven’t much felt like writing here in this blog lately. I haven’t been doing much to be honest. Mostly I have been observing events and reading other people’s blogs and web forums here and there. As such, I have all kinds of half formed thoughts in my mind. Since that is what I have been thinking about this week:

  • This one comes from the “Be Grateful for What You Have” Department: George Bush and the current administration are terrible. Really terrible. But they don’t hold a candle to Robert Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe I heard on the radio that Zimbabwe currently has an inflation rate of over 1000% and 80% of the people are unemployed. People seriously cannot buy even basic necessities and large segments of the population are already malnourished and are facing starvation. I am reminded of a quote by Coleman A Young which I would have turned into a Friday cat blogging feature if I had some extra time to doctor up a photo of my dog Cookie who graciously plays the part of my fictional cat “Hizzoner”. Anyhow, this is what former mayor of Detroit, Coleman A. Young had to say about Robert Mugabe:

    ”A mean sucker. He doesn’t have a civil service, and he can shoot people if he wants to, I guess. I can’t do that”

  • Some people I know are embroiled in some relationship drama. It reminds me, naturally, of relationship drama I have been involved in before. And when I reflect on that, I am reminded of how much I have changed over the years. There was a time when my behavior was less than desirable and frankly was out and out unacceptable. But I am not like that anymore and I have a lot more respect for boundaries than I did in my early 20’s. I am actually quite proud of myself and of my behavior during my most recent…shall we say “dramatic period”. I’ve learned that even when one has one’s feelings hurt so badly that it even results in physical sensations similar to having been punched in the gut, one can still control one’s behavior while allowing oneself to fully experience the hurt. I have also learned that controlling one’s behavior helps in the healing process too since distance from the drama really helps a person heal faster. Plus there is the added advantage of not constantly having regrets.

  • I was able to mow most of the taller parts of my backyard earlier this week. My front yard is still below the 10in city guideline. And lucky for me because it looks like the city came and mowed the lot next door. I suspect that it was the city because most of the vacant lot next door is fenced and the gate is locked. When the city mows, they only mow the part that isn’t locked behind the fence and that is what happened on Wednesday. Thankfully, they didn’t attempt to mow my lawn. It looks like the weather will be clear this weekend so I’ll be able to mow the front lawn which will mean I’ll be safe from the roving city lawn mowing team for at least another week and a half. Whew

    E-Speed said...

    Thankfully our neighbor mowed ours during the patch of sun on Wednesday, since we still haven't fixed our mower. The lawn was getting close to being a field!

    Lynne said...

    Wow, Elizabeth, you sure have some nice neighbors. I am not nearly as nice! ;)

    E-Speed said...

    It was a nice gesture but it puts me a bit on edge. I guess I am just not used to being a "neighbor" yet so when they do favors for us (without us asking) it makes me feel like I should be doing something in return, but I don't know what!