Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Year in Review

I am feeling kind of lazy about the whole blogging thing today so I am going to do a little meme I have seen around. Basically, I have taken the first line from my first post of every month and have created a blog "year in review" which is interesting if somewhat incomplete.

January - Tonight is my last night here on Oahu

February – I have been thinking a bit about the front page of today and the questions it raises about self-esteem and how one might go about achieving it.

March - Grr. Huge windy snow storm today.

April - Worker #1: Are you serious, you have never had a mullet?

May – Dear Cookie, Sometimes I hate my job because I hate the way my bosses are on some kind of power trip.

June - Worker 1: [mumble mumble mumble]

July - *sigh* TBLOG, my blog host, is running as slow as molasses

August - The news story that caught my eye this morning was a ruling by the Michigan State Supreme Court that makes all great lakes beaches public property.

September - I have to admit that I havent been paying close attention to Katrina and the aftermath this week since I have been too busy playing in the California sunshine.

October - I went with Kate to see Serenity on Friday.

November - I actually left on time this morning for a change so I figured I would take Michigan Ave even though there is construction at Huron.

December - I have found that my brain isnt working at it's normal high capacity.


absurdito said...

Hey, that's a neat idea!

aliciarose said...

is it me, or isn't it funny how one line brings back so many memories!

islandarts said...

i've been meaning to do this one, but i thought it was just the subject lines from the blogs...