Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Gifts of Breakdown Kits

Last August, I went camping with Shannon, Caleb, and their family. On the way there the car broke down. We had some warning that it was going to break down so before it did, Shannon and I were talking about breakdown kits to have in the car. Since in this day and age, no one ever really is able to fix their own cars by the side of the road, breakdowns usually involve waiting for a towtruck...sometimes for hours. So we thought that a good breakdown kit would have the stuff you *really* need when your car breaks down and not stuff like screwdrivers and other tools and stuff like that.

So for Christmas, I am making some breakdown kits for folks. Here are some of the things I am going to put in.

  • A book to read: I thought The Worst Case Scenario Handbook would be a good choice.

  • Chocolate

  • A pack of cigarettes and a lighter (for the person who smokes, the others dont get this.)

  • A deck of cards

  • A leash and some dog treats (for the person who has a dog)

  • Some of those little bottles of booze like they have on airplanes. I figured that once the car is broken down, the driving is over so it would be ok to have a cocktail by the side of the road.

I need some other things though. I am hoping folks can help. So if you were stuck by the side of the road: What would you want?


Sandy D. said...

Juice, water, snacks for kids. Flashlight and/or those light tubes you break and shake (these also serve to entertain kids).

An extra leash & collar is a very good thing to have in your car, not just for your dog but for strays you may rescue.

Jessica said...

What an awesome idea! Seriously, what a great idea.

And even though no one in my family would ever dream of calling a tow truck, they'll still need something to do while waiting for a dad or a brother to show up with the tow strap. :)

Anyhow, my suggestions would be:

-- Puzzle book with pencil. (I never have anything to write with in my car.)
-- Coloring book with crayons.
-- Gum.
-- Small ball for kids. Actually, maybe that's a terrible idea. I can see the ball bouncing into traffic. Maybe a mom can comment.
-- Boredom Blasters: Travel Edition (activity kit for kids, designed for travelling).
-- A copy of Pride and Prejudice. :) Kidding -- see my profile for explanation.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say puzzle book too, but was beat to it. :)

->Batteries of all kinds. If you have kids with electronic games, a 6 hour wait for a tow truck will need extra batteries.
->A weather radio. My last car had a weather band on the radio, I haven't seen one since. They're actually rather nice to have in general in the car. Less than $20 at Radio Shack or similar (see also: batteries)
->A hand-crank charger for things like cell phones.

I second, third, and multiply the water suggestion. Mighty handy.


Anonymous said...

a box of granola bars (for kids and adults) can come in real handy- i'd say full size chocolate bars but i'm not sure how long they'd last through a hot summer....

Sandy D. said...

We used to keep granola bars in the glove compartment. Then one day I opened it to grab one when stuck in traffic, and discovered that mice had crawled through the bottom of the car and in through the dash to the glove box. Not only did the eat the food, they pooped all over the place. :-( So if your garage has holes in it (like ours), you might consider putting food in a metal box.

And if it's six hours waiting for a tow (!!!), I'd add some toilet paper, too. I think a ball bouncing around the car or van would drive me crazy, but maybe I'd be so desperate to keep my kids busy I'd be happy to have it. :-/

I have something called a "Freshette" or "feminine urinary device" in my van, for trips to places without toilets or for use in places with disgusting toilets. I'll just let you google that on your own (but I got mine at Cabela's).

Anonymous said...

I kinda stole your idea little bit for secret santa at work.

I made a survival kit for my co-worker who likes snowboarding (and usually comes back injured).

Heeee. It was fun. :)