Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Case of the Lonlies Brought On by "The Thin Man"

I have holed up in my house for the second weekend in a row. I think I needed the break from all the holiday activity but it is still a little lonely. Which is ok really because there is nothing like a day of feeling a little bit lonely to make one appreciate all of the really wonderful people in one’s life. I have plenty, I just need to poke my head up out of my hole and get on with some holiday cheer :)

Loneliness can be funny though. I think I started feeling lonely yesterday night while I was curled up in my pajamas and engaged in one of my favorite “alone time” activities: watching old movies with a nice hot cup of tea and a snuggly cat on my lap and snoring dogs at my feet. Normally, I don’t feel lonely at all when I am doing that but I was watching one of those “Thin Man” movies with William Powell and Myrna Loy and there is something about the chemistry between those two that made me miss having that kind of connection with someone else on a regular basis.

And OK, I admit it, I thought the idea of being a rich heiress with a funny ex-detective husband who is a little bit of a drinker to be a pretty good fantasy. And in these movies, they get to take their dog anyplace they like which is another thing I am envious of. Plus movies from the 30's are always so glamourous....**sigh**

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Anonymous said...

i love watching movies with my kitty!