Thursday, December 08, 2005

Welcome to Tech Support Hell

I am still having trouble putting things into words. It is weird because I have the same problem when I am depressed but then my cognitive deficits are accompanied with a strong desire to slit my wrists. I have not been using anti-depressant medications but have been using the full spectrum light for an hour or two per day. I have to say that considering how much cheaper the light is, I’ll live with a winter time problem although it can be honestly frustrating sometimes.

Yesterday my team at work had a meeting. During the meeting I suggested to my team mates that they aren’t always very nice to other teams. People on our Level One team have mentioned to me that they have felt patronized when talking to people on our team. So first these guys get very defensive which is understandable but then, in the same breath they were defending themselves, they said “But we are only asking them to do stuff that is common sense” in that TONE that is almost a stereotype for horrible IT help desk people. The tone you might get if you were to call tech support and have some arrogant jerk tell you that OF COURSE your computer isn’t working and if you had just looked at the hexadecimal value of the discombobulator in C:\PROGRAMS you would have known what to do. Sheesh!

So there I was accusing these guys of being arrogant pricks and their response was to BE arrogant pricks while asking me for specific examples of the behavior people were having a problem with and a normal person would have said “Listen to yourselves! LISTEN you Dogbert tech support wannabes. LISTEN”

But I didn’t. Instead I got into an argument about if it is common sense to get a phone number from a caller. They said it was and I said it wasn’t because 99% of the time we already have the caller’s phone number so people aren’t in the habit of asking and then I ended up concluding the whole thing with “Just be nicer” which is too vague to be any use to anyone.

Oh well, at least the guys have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Today when I went to a meeting with the team, I walked in and they said “Hey Level One Lover” so I guess they aren’t too mad about it. And maybe they’ll make an effort to be nicer but considering that the issue is more their tone of voice than what they say, I doubt they are even conscious of what it is that makes people on other teams feel they are being talked down to. *shrug*

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