Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am Dumb

I cannot speak. Whatever this sickness is that I have, I have completely lost my voice. What is funny is that I dont usually realize how often I talk to the animals who live in my house with me. Cos, you know, *that* is what crazy people do. Well, color me crazy. I keep going to talk to the little furry beasts but all that comes out is a throaty whisper

It is funny because I received an invitation to my cousin's graduation party next Saturday. I was supposed to have RSVP'd by yesterday but, since I couldnt talk, I couldnt call my aunt to tell her I would be there. I really spent most of yesterday in a thought process that went something like: If only there were some way I could communicate with my aunt that doesnt require using one's voice. If only there was a way... It really took me until this morning before I remembered that DUH! I could send an email. *slaps forehead*.

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Anonymous said...

Talking to animals is often logical since you know they at least can somewhat respond to you... I talk to dolls, computers, my car, my chair, my bed... I talk to almost everything!
I'm sorry you lost your voice! That would be one of my worst nightmares! I cant stay quite for more than 10 secs!