Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All is well

I know that I have not written much here lately. Mostly it is because I have gotten very busy at work. It turns out that being busy at work even effects my blogging from home. I often find that I am pretty spent at the end of the day. So I come home and just veg. I think things will get worse at work too in the near future. But that is ok, being busy at work makes the days there seem shorter. And once I am done with the school thing, I’ll have extra leisure time.

I didnt get that job I mentioned in another post but I did get some good feedback from the person who interviewed me. I didnt interview quite as badly as I thought. She also gave me some really good suggestions for what I need to do if I want a similar position including telling me about a different job I might consider applying for (I applied for it).

I also had an interview today for a totally non-IT related job that sounds very fun. I have been scheduled for a second interview which seems promising. I think that interview went better than the other one. So we'll see. Wish me good luck!


E-Speed said...

hope the interviews go well! That is nice that she gave you good feedback.

Anonymous said...

I certainly feel for you. Good luck.
BTW, My internet acount at work sucks these days. I hardly get time to go online at home.
Missed you much though