Monday, February 05, 2007

The Weather Outside is Frightful

It was ten degrees below zero this morning. And ok, I have a hard time getting out of my warm bed *every* monday but today it was nearly impossible. I did it though. Still, it is snot freezing weather out there. BRRRR

Otherwise, I have spent the last few days pretty much at home. I have had some interesting discussions about how gay employees at public institutions such as the UofM (this area's largest employer) are going to lose their benefits because a bunch of jerks voted to amend the state constitution to define marriage as being between only a man and a woman. Does anyone remember the people supporting this amendment specifically saying that no one's benefits would be taken away? What a bunch of liars.

I have watched a bunch of episodes of The Sopranos. I think one of the reasons I like that show is that the characters are so complex. Most of them are total dirtbags but often there is something sympathetic about them too. I like how the writers can make me start to think, 'that guy isnt soooo bad' only to have the character turn around and do something really horrible. Oh yeah, that guy IS so bad!

So that has pretty much been my life for the last week or so.


Raymond said...

* Sopranos: I've seen only ONE episode (1st season?) and liked it. Maybe someday I'll get cable. I guess I oughtta just rent the DVDs and catch up.

* Sopranos 2 (character development): a fun thing about acting is that even when playing the most despicable of characters, the actor should find what justifies his behavior as perfectly acceptable and logical for the situation. Even Hitler had his reasons.

* Gay employees. Good gawd, this sort of thing pisses me off no end. We're in the F'ing 21st century for chrissakes! EQUAL rights is something that a civilized modern society should grant to all its citizens without prejudice. Even South Africa (?) is REQUIRING it. That country is fervently anti- that sort of thing, but LOGICALLY they realize that they've got to endow all persons with equal rights despite their distaste for allowing certain groups with certain rights. This sort of blatant inexcusable prejudice just staggers my mind. Having such anti feelings is one thing, but at least recognizing one's disapproval yet being not so backwardly dogmatic as to try to oppress certain groups ultimately redeems oneself in the end. Clearly the USA is NOT (in the majority) a civilized modern society and finds no shame in being blatantly prejudiced.

It all makes getting hit by a bus and squished dead sound like not such a bad alternative, if this is the world one has to live in.

Anonymous said...

It's been freezing here too!!! However, I managed to get my lazy head out of the bed today & I'm here at my desk waiting for a car to arrive & take me to a meeting!
You know, at least G-A-Ys have the right to declair their se*ual orientation there... here, a friend of mine was thrown out of work when they found out that he was g-a-y.

Anonymous said...

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