Monday, February 19, 2007

Jennifer Granholm's BadAss Twin

I rented Stargate SG1 on DVD and watched a couple of episodes over the weekend. Truthfully, I dont think it is all that great of a show but it is kind of fun in an "A-Team" or "MacGyver" sort of way. But this show has one thing about it that I just LOVE: It stars a Jennifer Granholm look-a-like! No, REALLY! Check out the two photos below. One is Michigan's governor, Jennifer Granholm and the other is Amanda Tapping, the actress on SG1.

So far the very best part of the show has been imagining that it is Jennifer Granholm in all the action on the TV show and I confess to sitting in my living room yelling "Go Jenny G! Shoot the aliens! They're Republicans, I know it!" ;)

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