Thursday, December 28, 2006

Life Without Cookie

So things are weird at my house without Cookie around. Brooke is just so good that in some ways it has been nice, i.e. I can take Brooke more places because she is better behaved and I can take her for walks without bothering with a leash because she’ll walk on heel and come when she is called.

But then, everything just seems so empty without Cookie. Brooke is a wonderful dog but her personality is more subdued than Cookie’s was. It has been too quiet at my house what with no one barking at the cat or demanding treats or whatnot.

It also has kind of sucked because Cookie really kept the cat in line. Now that Cookie is gone, the cat is doing all of the things she wasn’t allowed to do before. She is coming into my room in the middle of the night and waking me up by biting me. She is running out of the door to go outside when I let Brooke out which wouldn’t be a problem except she likes to do that at 11p when I am ready to go to bed. She has been eating the dog food again. The Cat is OUT OF CONTROL!

Ah well, I guess I just miss her.


Anonymous said...

Lynne... I'm so sorry, and I miss you, and spring is just around the corner.

Too bad I'm not. :(


(p.s. my word verification is damn close to "verlaine", but not quite. hehehe)

islandarts said...

Lynne so sorry to hear about Cookie. I know how much you love your animals and Cookie always reminded me of my own pooch and imagining my own pooch not here makes me soo sad.
Take it easy Cookie is getting lots of treats in heaven I'm sure.