Thursday, December 28, 2006


I haven’t really felt like writing much lately. I haven’t really been reading many other people’s blogs lately either. I have given the matter a lot of thought and I think that this is mostly due to some seasonal depression I am experiencing.

This year’s depression might not actually qualify as a clinical depression. I mean, I am still functioning ok for the most part. But what has happened to me is that I find myself feeling very numb most of the time and kind of blah. I am watching a lot of movies and a lot of TV and I am reading some books albeit nothing that demands too much thought. I have been playing a lot of Soduko which I enjoy because it takes less thought than writing a blog post.

Seasonal depression is the kind of thing that can sneak up on a person especially if it isn’t the dark suicidal kind but rather the kind where everything just becomes a big effort. It is funny because I didn’t really know it had hit me until I noticed that my lotto fantasies had changed.

Usually, I dream about traveling the world and going on adventures or, in my less selfish moments, about the charity work I could do with that kind of money. But lately, I have been dreaming about winning the lotto and then…well…doing nothing. Not moving, not going on a vacation, just sitting around and watching movies. Yeah, that’s right folks: My current lotto fantasy is to quit my job and go on the Netflix 10 out at a time plan!

I hope spring gets here soon


E-Speed said...

You captured here exactly how I have been feeling. It must be the winter and darkness doing this to us.

I hope you had a good holiday.

islandarts said...

Lynne- you and I both wrote the same post! SAD crept up on my this year and I didn't even notice. I Would never have noticed if my hubby hadn't mentioned my behaviour. Take care friend- the sun will come out tomorrow!