Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting Ready for Winter

I am getting ready for winter. I have a lot to do. I did one thing this weekend but an important thing. I went to Costco and bought enough toilet paper to last me until Spring. It might seem like a silly thing but trust me, there is some kind of weird thing that happens around here whenever a heavy snow is forecast: People run out to the store and buy toilet paper and water. It is weird. I might say that I dont get it except I can imagine that one time a person simply doesnt want to have to run to the store because they ran out of toilet paper is when there is a foot of snow on the ground!

So now that is done. The rest of my list is just more chores:

  • Bring in the air conditioner from the bedroom window. I think I am safe and wont have need of it until next summer.
  • Close up the upstairs bedroom. I am going to put plastic on the windows up there and also close off the vents. No point in heating it more than I have to. It didnt even occur to me to do those things last year. I hope doing that will make my heating bills a little lower.
  • Put up plastic sheeting on all windows except the front window that the dogs like to look out of.
  • Change the furnace filter and turn the furnace on to make sure it works. Yup, once again, I had all summer to change that darn filter and once again, I wait until the last minute :)
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Find the snow shovel
  • and maybe find the ice scraper for my car. I know I wont get around to this one but I always put it on my list in the hopes that maybe one year, I wont find myself trying to scrape frost off the windshield with a credit card on the first big frost.

Sometimes when I look at my list, I have to remember to be grateful that I dont have nearly the preperation for winter people in the past used to have. I dont have to put up food for the whole winter. I dont have to cut and stack enough wood to heat my house for a whole winter. I dont have to do a lot of things. Yup, things could be a lot more difficult for me.


Anonymous said...

We have a long way before we have to get ready for winter... your post, though, made me feel like there is snow outside my door :P

islandarts said...

Personally I have found that a CD case works better for scraping the windows than a credit card... of course now that I have XM radio, there are none of those in my vehicle!
One other thing to help the heating bills, cook in the oven every night. It cooks your food and helps heat the house a little :0)