Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Chadwick Florest (I think)

Fall used to be my favorite season because it is hands down the most beautiful time of the year here in Michigan. Plus it is the season that has Halloween in it and that is a whole holiday that revolves around dressing up the way you really want to and eating CANDY. Lately though, I think that summer is my favorite season but Autumn is a close second and even though the days are shorter and colder than in summer, there are moments of breathtaking beauty that almost make up for not being able to go swimming and see sunshine.

I pretty much drive the same route to and from work every day and I have driven that same route pretty much every day for years. Every fall, I notice this place because I drive by just at the time when the sun strikes the red leaves of this bush in just the right way. I kind of like old signs too. Every year I tell myself that I will stop and take a picture of it but I usually either forget my camera or am too eager to get home after work so I dont. This year, however, I finally took the picture. I am glad I did too because I have learned that old signs like that can disappear overnight and then they are lost forever.


Anonymous said...

I have a fall pic of the Peninsular Paper sign on the old wheel house from 2003. Apparently I was just in time.



Sandy D. said...

Ooh, pretty burning bush. I've been meaning to take pictures of a couple of trees on my routes around Saline, but this morning I noticed one of them was already totally bare.

It is nice to see the sun again, isn't it? My mood has been so much better (on and off, anyway, when the sun is out) that I just went and invested in one of those SAD lights...

Anonymous said...

That was indeed Chadwick Florest though I don't think they have been in buisness since at least the early 80's. they used to own the land behind the store too, they had a soccer field, where fortis acdamy now sits.

Anonymous said...

oooOOHhhh!! i LOVE that sign! Too bad it's all behind those bushes and stuff. You know me: I'd be all around that sign for at least a 1/2 hour taking it from all angles.
- - raymofo