Thursday, October 12, 2006


I didn’t quite do all of the things I needed to do in order to get ready for the cold but I did a lot of them. Enough that I know my furnace is working and all my windows are shut and the room air conditioner has been put away. I still ended up scraping some ice off my car with a credit card this morning but hey, that’s life right?

Today we had our first snow and some of the snow even stuck to the ground for a bit. That is soooo Michigan. It was in the high 70’s on the weekend and now, just a few days later, it is snowing. We will probably have a few more warm days before winter sets in for good. But then it is darkness and cold for months.

I have been pretty busy lately and exhausted after work. So I haven’t been blogging much. It isn’t really that I don’t have the time, it is that I am usually mentally gone at the end of the day. I still think about all kinds of things but seem to have trouble putting them into words.

I will try to do a more meaningful post though. I have some interesting thoughts kicking around.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it snowed!!! Wow. In a way, I'm jealous. :)

Remember when you used to have to buy your halloween costume so it would fit over a snowsuit??



Anonymous said...

IT SNOWED! WOW! We're still using cooling system here! How Lucky you are!

Anonymous said...

The Previous ANON was me Proshat.
I signed in but!!!!!