Sunday, June 18, 2006


I gotta admit it. Even though most of the time I don’t mind being single, there are moments when having someone around seems like a good idea. I was thinking about this, just this morning as I was drinking coffee and reading the NYT. I think this is because I have this big fantasy of living with someone and drinking coffee in bed with the Sunday NYT spread out before us. And it is silly to let a fantasy make one lonely because I know that my little Sunday morning fantasy would never even come close to reality.

Fantasy:: It is Sunday morning and I am in some very stylish pajamas
Reality: I don’t own stylish pajamas and I don’t think I would suddenly run out and buy some just because some guy walked into my life.

Fantasy: The guy is also wearing stylish pajamas
Reality: I don’t think I have ever known a guy who has owned stylish pajamas.

Fantasy: I am drinking fabulous rich dark coffee with real half and half and sugar and everything.
Reality: Half and Half in this house? I am so not together enough to remember to buy it. For that matter, I don’t usually remember to buy coffee either. OH and in my fantasy, I didnt actually have to get my butt out of bed to make the coffee either but that is hardly realistic is it? If someone could make a coffee maker that made the coffee, brought the coffee into the bedroom, and then cleaned itself, they would be everyone's hero, no?

Fantasy: As I read the NYT, I make very thoughtful and witty remarks about the stories I read (This is sadly the purpose of the guy in my bed. In my mind, he is there to listen to me and to be VERY IMPRESSED with all my very thoughtful and witty remarks I make. Now that I think about it is a kind of pathetic reason to want someone in one's bed)
Reality: I never make any thoughtful or witty remarks before noon on Sundays.

Fantasy: The bedroom is very clean. There are no dust bunnies rolling around the floor, no spider webs in the corners, no clothes all over the place, etc.

So there you go. Now that I have performed that little comparison exercise, I feel much better. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi this is Lizzie your comparision excersice is good.I love to drink coffee in bed.


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islandarts said...

I love my coffee and i even go through the trouble of buying half and half (sometimes table cream!!) but I've never drank it in bed or even read any sort of publication whilst beneath the sheets...
A girl can dream though...