Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Lone Daisy for a Lone Wolf

I am such a rebel. Yesterday I mowed my yard but didn’t mow a single daisy in the middle of it even though it is clearly above the 10 inch rule. Bwa ha ha ha. Take THAT Ypsilanti!!! I feel so dangerous. The only problem is that if I come home from work tonight and find the daisy missing, I will have no way of knowing if it is missing because of the lawn enforcement people or if someone came by and picked it. I have to admit too that once I had cut down all the grass around the daisy, it looked quite pickable. I really had to resist the urge myself.

In an odd coincidence, one of my neighbors came by while I was mowing the lawn with the annual HESNA newsletter. I cant remember the neighbor’s name even though I have met her before and think she seems nice. Sometimes I am not so good with names. Oh well, I guess there is a neighborhood meeting on Monday and one of the topics apparently is ordinance enforcement. Could it be fate that a neighbor comes by with a newsletter informing me of a such a meeting while I was engaged in an activity that I hate that I was doing because of the way the city enforces ordinances? I really want to go to this meeting. I might have something to contribute if I don’t find myself getting too shy. But even if I just go, I might learn something about their process that will help me avoid having them cut my lawn in the future.

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Proshat said...

I never did understand some of the nighbourhood rules myself. For example, There is a broken tree in our yard which may fall down any moment & cause damage, still the council does not let us to cut & they claim for payment to cut it themselves, saying that it's dangerous to do so!
We have to get everyone to sign a peption so that we have the freedom to cut that tree!
If we were like some other who does not care about Enviroment that would be understandable but my mother is an Enviroment activist!
Forget it! Just wanted to say hi!