Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Neighborhood

So I went to the HESNA meeting last night and I managed to get through the whole thing without calling anyone from the ordinance enforcement dept any bad names. Actually, it turns out that these guys have only been around for a about a year so, since they had nothing to do with any of my lawn issues, there was hardly a reason to make a stink.

Some of the people at the meeting complained about a dog barking and I kind of had to chuckle because on my block, there are six dogs and they like barking a lot. But those people dont live on my block so they werent complaining about my dogs or my neighbor's dogs so I didnt speak up in defense of dog barking. Besides, I dont know their situation, it might be much more barking than what happens at my end of N. Grove St.

People complained to the police officers at the meeting about speeding and the police officers seemed to take the complaints seriously. So let me be the first to warn all you folks who drive around Ypsilanti. Slow down! Yup, that is the message I got from the cops there. Slow down and no more prostituting myself on weekends since apparently I live in some sort of NO PROSTITUTION ZONE. Anyone arrested for street walking or for picking up a hooker is apparently not allowed to enter the zone as a condition of their bond. Which means, I guess that I wouldnt be allowed to go home. Here is what I want to know though: Would it be illegal for me to try to get "the ladies" to mow my lawn?

It was after 9p before I got home and I sat on my front porch for a while watching the firefly show. I love those little buggers. It is better than TV. There is something hypnotic about fireflies. They are one of the great pleasures of life.

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