Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some Fat Related Links

As many of you know, I have been working on dealing with a lot of my crazy feelings about food. It hasnt been easy but I feel I am making progress. At any rate, I dont know how I missed This article in the NYT but I think it really addresses some of the issues people have regarding food and weight especially when it comes to children.

Another article that was brought to my attention via Big Fat Blog is this one from a news paper in England. It isnt hard to feel attacked as a fat person reading things like this especially when so many of the comments support the author's opinion.

I would say that such views are rare and dont represent the way most people actually think if it werent for a couple of recent online conversations I have had HERE and HERE


Sandy D. said...

Agh. Blogger was down on and off yesterday and ate my carefully thought out reply.

That Daily Mail article was vile. I can't believe they even published it. The NYT article was thought-provoking, and I fwd'ed it to my moms' group's book club, which is presently discussing "Fast Food Nation", where it was much appreciated and debated. Thanks for the post.

Proshat said...

Thank Lord. I can leave a message here!
Well, honestly most people dont even know the reason behind 'health diets' they just hear something & they act upon it... while there are some truth in general knowlge about how to eat & what to eat, still some parts are neglected or better said ignored in the diet.
The new trend in nutrition is 'eat what you want, but dont overfeed yourself.'
It had worked for me....

E-Speed said...

OMG I saw the perfect shirt for you yesterday at the Westland Mall. "I fought the lawn and the lawn won" It was great!

Hope you are feeling better and more up to going out and hanging with friends!