Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Woman for President in the USA?

Is the United States ready for a woman president? Frankly, I don’t expect it will happen unless we start to see more women in really powerful positions in other areas. We need more women in the House and Senate. We need more women CEO’s. I don’t see huge changes in those areas so I am not holding my breath for a women to be elected president in 2008. Consider that my home state of Michigan has only elected seven women to the House in the ENTIRE history of the U.S Congress (currently there are two female members of the House from Michigan).

I don’t think we will see a woman president until either the Republican party changes enough to nominate a woman or until there are enough progressive people in the Democratic party to compensate for any centrist voters who will vote Republican because they don’t like the idea of a woman running the show. Since there are so many in the Republican party who believe in a world view where only men should have power, I doubt the former will happen any time soon. There are many moderate Republicans who are willing to vote for a woman of course. I just don’t think there are enough of them to secure a woman’s nomination to a national platform. I think that the progressive world view could gain strength and I certainly hope it does but I don’t think that will happen by 2008.

If we could encourage more women to run for other offices, we might see a change in the way people in this country view things. People need to see that having a women as their House Rep; a woman as their Senator; or a woman in whatever other political position you can think of, will not result in the end of the world or even a government that is worse off than when it was only men running the show. *THEN* our country might be ready to have a woman President.

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Jessica said...

If they'd change the law so naturalized citizens could run for president, maybe our very own Jenny (Gov. Granholm) could be the first female president (someday when she's, you know, a hundred and fifty years old).

Anonymous said...

considering we haven't even had a black man in office, i doubt a women would have much of a chance. it is so frustrating!!

islandarts said...

Amen to that. We seem to have a lot of elected officials who are of the female gender in canada. I'm not sure if that is a statistic or just that the few women who are there *stand out*.