Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Monday through Friday, I spend nine hours a day at work. That is a lot of time. So it is not terribly surprising that I have developed relationships with my co-workers. And so it is always a little sad when one of them leaves. And so it was today. One of my favorite co-workers, Heather, had her last day today. She is one of my favorite co-workers because she always gets me in trouble for talking. Our little chats get busted up so much that I often feel like the kid caught talking in class. It is fun!

So we did the whole saying goodbye eight million times today at work and then some of us went out to Aubree's for a beer after work and that was nice. It is funny how much I am feeling that I will miss her. I mean, we have plans to go to the DIA on Sunday for our last chance at that Claudel and Rodin exhibit. I guess it is because I already feel that I have so little time to see people in my non-working hours. That, and I often find that I dont like change.


E-Speed said...

i still miss ana. She is away gallavanting in costa rica never to return. It sucks. Not only did I lose her as a friend at work but as a mentor and brain to pick also.

i feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

i know how you feel. my boss once said "we spend more time with each other than we do with our families, so we should all get along".
I met my good friend Leslie at work, and when she moved to baltimore, it sucked to be at work without her. the nice thing is, we have remained friends, and anytime she is in town to visit her family, we go out for coffee or drinks. just try and keep in touch!