Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Dog Days of January

Yesterday was a total dog day. I have been a bit sick this week so I have been lax aout getting the dogs out of the house. I think they were going a little crazy. So, I figured that I would take everyone up to the lake where I could throw a ball and go for a short walk and then take a nap on the couch right afterwards. That and I am dog sitting for my sister's dog Buddy (who is the source of all evil in the world) so I figured I could save her some time and pick him up.

The big excitement was when we were walking along the lake shore. The dogs kept running out onto the obviously thin ice of the lake. Everytime they went out there, I called them back but then they would run out there again. Sure enough, one of the dogs just HAD to fall through the ice. Cookie was the lucky winner of the almost freezing bath. I wished I had a camera because she had a wonderful look on her face as she suddenly decended into the freezing cold water. Luckily, she was very near the shore and was able to get herself out of the hole.

Then, after we got home, my neighbor came over with her two beagle dogs. It was fun. Everyone ran around and sniffed a lot. I stood around chatting with her in the back part of the yard where I never go. It looks like people are throwing trash into the yard. We found some shelves and some liquor bottles and a kitchen knife. (why would someone throw a kitchen knife into someone's backyard?) I have my share of trash in the back yard too (mostly beer bottles over by the patio). So it looks like this spring I will have to have a backyard cleanup

Buddy, gets insecure when I dog sit for him and he has to be by me all the time. Actually he feels like he has to be touching me all the time. If I sit in a chair, he lays down touching my feet. If I lay down on the couch, he lays down next to me. All that action tired me out and I went to bed early. I let Buddy sleep in the bed thinking that he would be like Brooke and sleep peacefully at my feet. No, that little guy laid down right in the middle of the bed and practically pushed me to the side. How a 20lb dog can hog an entire queen sized bed is beyond me but Buddy somehow manages to do it. I kept waking up practically falling out of bed with Buddy spread out in the middle. Sheesh. I had to kick him out and make him sleep in the other room!

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islandarts said...

I dogsat a friend's beagle once. they used to let the dog sleep with them- UNDER the covers. The dog cried at our bedroom door until I opened it and then it tried to get into bed with us!! I ended up having to sleep with the dog in the spare bed.
I was not impressed.