Friday, November 04, 2005

Full Service

I got in my car the other day and I noticed that the gas gauge was a lot lower than I would have thought it would be after only driving for a half of a week since filling the tank. The car also seemed to be driving funny and pulling a little to the right. Part of me knew right away what the problem was but the part of me that hates to check my tire pressure resisted the thought. Still, I checked the pressure this morning and it was way low so I had to spend 10 minutes at the gas station putting air in the tires.

Putting air into tires is a chore that I hate. I don’t know why I hate it so much either. I mean, it doesn’t take long. It doesn’t require any physical activity that is beyond me. Ok, I get my hands dirty when I do it but that isn’t a huge big deal since there are a lot of places in the world where one can wash one’s hands. The point is though, that I dread it. I dread it to the point where I have considered taking it into the tire place and asking if they’ll do it.

So I started thinking: wouldn’t it be nice if there were still full service gas stations where the people would check tire pressure and oil levels and then put air and/or oil into the car when needed? I am not a fan of checking the oil either and I have probably done it like 3 times over the life of my now nine year old car. Does anyone know of a full service gas station like that in the Ann Arbor area?


Chicalookate said...

There is a gas station on Huron at the jackon/dexter split. I know they will pump your gas for you, but I don't know about the other stuff.

trace said...

Funny that you mention your tires: I drove by your place this weekend and remember noticing that your right-side tires seemed flat. And, then, this morning I heard on the radio how low tire-pressure really hurts your gas mileage...and I thought to myself, "I gotta tell Lynne her tires look low."

Glad you got it fixed!

Xenlighten said...

Thanks for asking the question. When my mom drives alone, since she is a paraplegic, she almost needs to have a full service station. I will see if I can ask her your question. I did notice yesterday at the Broadway Shell that there was a button to push if you're in a wheelchair. Still, I wonder how this works if the station only has one attendant.

I will also see if I can find a listing somewhere. It would be so helpful.

Lynne said...

teaspout, isnt that funny. I didnt even think to ask you but of course, your mom has to get gas from somewhere so surely there must be full service stations about and she would probably be a person seriously in the know about such things. Thanks for taking the time to ask her for me :)