Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Morning Commute

I actually left on time this morning for a change so I figured I would take Michigan Ave even though there is construction at Huron.

I saw a woman walking on Michigan Ave who was clearly mentally ill and I was reminded of my years working with the mentally ill in this area. Back then, whenever a group home would try to start up in Ann Arbor there was usually a huge NIMBY outcry against it. That didnt happen too much in Ypsilanti and I have always thought that was one of the really cool things about Ypsilanti. One of the things I have learned is that people who have to struggle with obstacles in their lives such as a mental illness usually end up being very interesting and colorful people. I love it that there are so many such people in the town where I live.

One of the most frustrating things about my morning and afternoon commutes is that stretch of Michigan Ave between downtown and Ellsworth Rd where there is no left turn lane. This morning someone decided to turn left but didnt decide to signal first which sucked because I ended up getting stuck behind them for a couple of minutes. is only a couple of minutes but it can still be frustrating. I wonder what they were thinking when they built that bit of road with no left turn lane?

I almost saw a kid bite it on Ellsworth Road. Guess what people? There is a reason that the law requires traffic to stop in *both* directions when a school bus puts on its red flashing lights. Today a school bus stopped and some kid who was running late ran out of an apartment complex into the road without looking where they were almost hit by a car which was on the opposite side of the street as the bus. Luckily the car saw the kid and managed to stop in time. But seriously folks, kids do dumb stuff all the time. Kids run into the street without looking when they are late for the bus. That is why there are laws about stopping for school busses with flashing red lights. And ok...I admit it, I sometimes curse the bus and the little kids for disturbing my morning commute and I even use the F word as in "I hate those f*cking kids for f*cking slowing me down with their f*cking stupid f*cking god damn school bus" but they cant hear me and I say it from my STOPPED car so I cant kill them and really, isnt that the way it should be?

Lately there has been a lot of traffic on Ellsworth by Stone School and it is weird because it doesnt seem like there is anything different going on. I hope it is because there are more people working in all the office parks around there and is a sign of economic growth in the area.

I got to work 3 minutes late which isnt that bad really.


E-Speed said...

It drives me crazy when people don't stop for the busses. (which they do alot in my town because it is a 4 lane street) Apparently people think this means they can abide by whatever law they want.

Anonymous said...

I used to arrange my commute as to avoid anything close to school zones. Now that i have kids, i am even MORE conciencous to do so. I hit a kid once who rode her bike out in front of me. not in a school zone or a crosswalk. Kids do what kids do.

Chicalookate said...

Because of the construction on Stadium I have to detour on Maple where there are lots of kids waiting for the bus. I get frustrated being behind the dang bus, but like you I am STOPPED. I sometimes worry that some kid is going to be pushed in front of my car. That is a little scary.

We need to plan another movie date. Cheap theater here we come.

Lynne said...

Kate, Yes. We need to come up with a time to hit the cheap movies. :)