Monday, October 15, 2007

New Dog

Well, I have finally decided to get another dog. I dont have any photos yet because I cant find the battery charger for my camera. But she is a yellow lab and well...pretty much looks like every other yellow lab out there. Generally I dont like pure bred dogs but I had reason to get this particular dog. I have a very elderly cat and needed a dog who wouldnt harass the poor dear. So, a friend of mine who volunteers at an animal shelter let me know that this dog has no interest in cats so I decided to try her out. I took her home for a weekend trial and she really has no interest in cats so she gets to stay.

There have been some problems though. She needs a refresher course in potty training but that has been going ok. She has separation anxiety and apparently can get destructive. Today, while I was at work, she didnt pee (GOOD DOG!) but she did get into the linen closet and tore up a couple of rolls of toilet paper and some menstrual pads (BAD DOG!). Hopefully she will become more calm as the week progresses.

She is five years old and her name is "Tasha"

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Congrats.
I was actually wondering when you will be able to move on & get a new dog... must have been really hard.