Wednesday, October 03, 2007

corn plastic

I've noticed a lot of corn plastic around these days. I am not normally a cup reader but the other day, I read my cup of iced tea from Sweetwaters and noticed that it said it was made with some kind of bio-degradable plastic made from corn. And then tonight while I was waiting for my sandwich at Cafe Luwak I noticed that they had a sign up that said that they too were using this corn plastic.

I can not wrap my brain around this stuff. I just cant see how corn can become plastic. It just seems not right to me.

But I can say this, there is something different about this corn plastic. It has a different feel to it and the more I see it, the more I am coming to like it. I dont know what it is about it.


Anonymous said...

really you have a point there...

Anonymous said...

;)*. I was just surfing on the web trying to find a certain TV-show. Well didnt find it but your list of TV-shows popped out that you had listed, I quess that marking was from last year.

Well anyways since I started writing I quess I gotta have something to comment about this "corn plastic" thing. Seems like a nice idea since the plastic most of us know isnt bio-degradable. And heres a thought how corn can become plastic :).

Well with the chemistry knowledge I got, I think this is the really simple way to explain how corn becomes plastic... Since corn's cellwalls are made of cellulose and cellulose is constructed of a long carbohydrate-chain. Cellulose is a polymer that is used in chemistry to make Organic plastic. In this case corn plastic.

*) Just a note if you wonder why there are so many grammar mistakes. Its because english isnt my native language, im actually from Finland. Still I hope you understood what I tried to say, and good luck with the mindbogling corn cups ;). Huh thought I would just write few sentences...

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the corn cups are kind of a 'bakelite' type plastic made with corn oil???

but I imagine H.j probably has it closer to correct LOL!