Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Silly Dream

I always think it is very funny the way real world things can become incorporated into our dreams. While I know that generally, no one likes to read about other people’s dreams, allow me to share a snippet from my dream last night:

I was Elizabeth Bennet and Colin Firth was *of course* Mr Darcy. We were walking in the English countryside during a thunderstorm and then a train came by so we rushed to check into a motel. In the motel, there was one of those old beds that would shake if you put in a quarter. We put in a quarter and the bed started shaking and then a giant clap of thunder...woke me up.

It was then that I noticed that my bed was shaking just like the beds in those old motels. And there was thunder and lightning. Which is of course, why my bed was shaking. You wouldn’t think a 35 lb dog could shake a whole bed but it turns out she CAN!

As you might imagine, the whole idea of Mr Darcy in a cheap motel with a shaking bed has had me laughing a little bit all day.


Anonymous said...

You Like him... or have you been watching Bridget Jones lately? I like him anyways but you know how he plays Mark Darcy in the movie...
It's nice to hear your dream.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Colin Firth. Mmm-

Oh, hi Lynne. :)