Monday, March 12, 2007

Ypsilanti Pizza Update

I just want to give a little update on a previous post I wrote about pizza in Ypsilanti.

  • One of the number one searches that brings people to my site is happy's pizza Ypsilanti. Seriously, there are days when I get 20 hits for them. All I can say is that they *really* should get a website.

  • I went out with a friend on Saturday to Aubrees and since it wasn’t happy hour when the calzones are half off, we decided to have a nice deep dish pizza on Aubree’s new whole wheat crust. All I can say is that it was fabulous. And by fabulous, I mean DISCO ball kind of fabulous. The kind of fabulous where one might expect Dean Martin or Sammy Davis Jr to just exclaim, "Yeah, baby, this is fabulous"

    Oh sure, there will still be a place in my heart for white flour crust pizza but this whole wheat pizza has a lot of merit on taste alone. It may or may not actually be healthier for a person but I assume it probably is. But even if it isn’t, give it a try. It really tastes good. It tastes a lot better than my homemade whole wheat crust pizza attempts (but anyone who knows anything about my cooking skills knows that isn’t really saying much). I think I’ll be getting pizza from Aubree’s a lot more often.


Sarah said...

Oh yeah, baby. Aubree's is so godforsakenly good. My favorites are the alfredo and the Santa Fe specialty pizzas.

Dee said...

Now you've got me hungry for pizza. I wonder where I can get some whole wheat crust pizza around KC...

E-Speed said...

pizza does sound good right about now!

I am sure the wheat is better than white dough health wise.