Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fat Rant

A kind reader shared the link to this charming video in my comments. I enjoyed it so much that I have decided to post it here. And what can I say. I agree with this woman and it is exactly how I feel. She really gets it.

I particularly like the beginning when she has the "friend" sitting in the car dissing fat people. I cant tell you how many times that has happened to me. And I sit there and wonder, "what the hell is wrong with this person?" I weigh over 300lbs. Do they think I want to sit here and listen to them tell me that so-and-so got fat or that the woman walking by shouldnt be wearing the clothes she is wearing because she "doesnt have the body for it"? I definitely do not want to hear endless monologues about how ugly and fat their ass is. I'll admit that I am always tempted to say, "Yes, your ass is ugly especially when compared to mine. BABY GOT BACK!"

And like the very beautiful woman in this video, I made a decision several years ago that I was not waiting around for my life to begin at some future point when I lost the weight. It wasnt going to happen. It still isnt going to happen. I am fat but the truth is that only one aspect of who I am and to let my body, my healthy body, stop me from living my life NOW would be a tragedy.

A harder thing in my life was accepting that being fat was NOT the cause of every problem. Is it why men dont want to date me? Probably for a lot of them but other fat women get dates all the time. I think there is just something else about me and even though I dont really know what it is, so what!? I like myself the way I am and that is what matters. Does being fat mean I get treated badly sometimes. Yes. Does that mean that there is something wrong with *me*? Hardly. And seriously, when I take an honest look at my faults, being fat is the least of them and there are plenty of people who dislike me who could back me up on that I am sure.

So watch the video. It is worth it, I promise!


islandarts said...

Wow Lynne this post is awesome!! I'm currently reading a book called 'Overcoming overeating' and it said many of the same things she did.
The weight loss business is an 8 billion dollar industry fueled by our (inevitable) failure. it's so sad.
It's a great book by the way you should really look it up. I've been feeling so much better about myself already and i'm only half way through. I don't know if it's done anything about my weight but now I really don't care. I'm not going to halt my existance another day to wait for some fat to fall off.
I'm going to post this video on my blog too- more people should see this!!
Great post Lynne!

Anonymous said...

Excellent video, Lynne. Thanks for the link.

-Mary Remmers-

E-Speed said...

great post and great vid!