Monday, January 22, 2007

Work Rant


I have had a really hard day at work today. Most of my day has been spent trying to clean a virus off of someone’s computer. I have failed. It sucks investing time into something and then having it not work out. I am going to build this person a new PC. I’ll transfer her files one by one over to my pc where I will make sure they aren’t infected and then put them onto the new pc. All of that will take me about an hour.

Anyhow, I am reminded of one of those clichés you always here in the business world: “Don’t throw good money after bad.” In this case, it was my time. I spent hours working on this computer today. At any time, I could have decided to just re-image it. But I kept thinking, I’ve already put in 2 hours, it seems a shame to waste that two hours by giving up NOW. Of course the two hours was gone no matter what. So I ended up spending ANOTHER couple of hours trying to fix everything and in the end, I ended up wasting a pretty good chunk of time.

Oh well. I guess one day of bad time management wont hurt me but it is frustrating.

Oh and a pox on anyone who writes a computer virus or worm. They are evil.

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