Friday, January 12, 2007

It looks like I'll be using Public Transportation

I have had a somewhat busy week. I am taking a couple of classes at EMU. One of them is a biology class that I know is going to keep me pretty busy for a while. I cant say that the subject thrills me but once it is over, it will be over. I will never have to take another biology class ever again.

Anyhow, because I am taking this class, I found out about a few pretty cool things:

  • There is an AATA bus that goes from the Ypsilanti Transit Center to many different points on the EMU campus.
  • The bus runs frequently enough to actually be useful. It runs every 20 minutes.
  • The bus is free. All fares are paid by EMU (and they don’t check student IDs or anything so it really is a nice asset for the community)
  • The parking lot by the Ypsilanti Transit Center is free these days.

All in all, this means that I can either spend 20 minutes/half hour walking to the YTC (I walk slowly) and then take a 5 minute bus to my class or I can spend 5 minutes driving to the Ypsilanti Transit Center where I can park for free followed by a five minute bus ride to class. Not bad really even in cold weather. I noticed that the bus is very full.


Anonymous said...

I used to take the EMU bus when I lived on jarvis and had classes in Mark Jefferson. :)

Of course, the best was when I lived on Jarvis and had classes in Alexander. I made it to all of those classes. hahahah!


Anonymous said...

We had free rides from the main squre to the faculty when I was studying at Science & Research Azad. & We also had frre rides between faculties inside the campus. However, I usually took my own car & parked it in the parking lot. It was easier for me.