Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Before the Vacation Story

I dont like flying. I have gotten over most of my fear of actually dying in a plane crash and such but have found that I still suffer from quite a bit of anxiety when flying. A lot of this is a weight thing. I mean, I know I am going to be crammed into a really small space and the odds are good that I'll be crammed next to someone who resents my size. While on one level, I dont particularly care about what other people think, on some other level I must care an awful lot because the idea of it gives me fits of anxiety.

So, I decided to ask my aunt who is an MD for a Rx for some ativan. She recommended that I take it at home first to make sure that I dont have some unintended reaction and I did just that. It made me relaxed which I suppose is the point. I got so relaxed that my foot fell asleep and I didnt notice. The phone rang and I jumped up to get it and got half way across the room before I realized that I was dragging a dead weight of a foot behind me. I kept walking anyways and ended up stepping on it funny, twisting my ankle and falling on my ASS.

I spent the next week barely able to walk but still trying to get everything done before my trip. I took a photo of the bruise on my toes but forgot to take one of my ankle. It was the size of a baseball!

Looking back on it now, it is kind of amazing how very much in denial I was about that injury. I guess because I was afraid that if I admitted that I was in pain or actually injured, I would have to cancel my trip or something. I dont know. Maybe I just didnt want to admit that I could get hurt like that doing something dumb like going on a trial run with the ativan in my own living room. Later in the trip, I just started lying to people about it by telling them that I hurt myself trying to climb Mt Everest ;) I am *sure* folks bought that one!


Proshat said...

Welcome back. We missed ya a lot here. Eww.. the foot seems totally damaged! How were you able to get ready for the trip is beyond me.
I'm anxious to hear ur advantures.

islandarts said...

WOW, that looks painfull Lynne!!
I use ativan for the dentist all the time... hate the dentist.
gave myself a 2nd degree ankle sprain in JUNE and it still hurts!!!