Monday, April 03, 2006


I had some very minor surgury on friday to remove an abcess from my leg. Now this was a procedure involving my skin so the cut isnt too deep. It isnt a very big incision (maybe a couple of inches) as these things go. But it is right on the part of my thigh that I sit on which also happens to be a part of the thigh that rubs against the other thigh when I walk. So, basically, it hurts when I walk and it hurts when I sit down. The only position where it doesnt hurt is when I lie in bed on my stomach. Luckily I have a TV and a DVD player in my room so I was able to keep myself entertained somewhat over the weekend. And also luckily, I have a wireless interenet connection so I can easilly bring my laptop into bed with me.

The pain isnt severe or anything. I have had menstrual cramps that were much MUCH worse. I checked out the wound this morning with a hand mirror and it is healing very well with no infection. And yet, it is making me very whiney and I am finding it difficult to focus on anything else. That is why there will be no thoughtful blog today. Basically, I am a total wimp. I am letting a minor but nearly literal pain in the ass keep me out of commmision for a while at least as far as thinking about things goes. I have dragged myself to work and stuff.

Oh well. What is life if you cant let yourself feel wimpy about things once in a while, right? ;)


E-Speed said...

any surgery is grounds for whining!

islandarts said...

I don't check you blog for a few days and you go and have surgery!! I hope you are feeling better now. Elizabeth's right, any surgery is grounds for whining.