Sunday, April 23, 2006

Easter Sunday

My family is Russian Orthodox which meant that we had the big Easter thing to today instead of last week. When I was a kid, I hated it. I wanted nothing more than to be as much a part of the main stream culture as I could be and celebrating Easter on the "wrong day" was just something I didnt like. I didnt like how my family celebrated easter differently than other cultures either. Other kids got candy and goodies in their easter baskets. Our easter baskets consisted of keilbasa, butter shaped like a lamb, home made easter bread (Pascha Bread), ham, salt, honey, pascha cheese (cream cheese with sugar and some other stuff added), horseradish, and hard boiled eggs.

But now that I am an adult, I have to say that I love most of the things about myself that are different from the mainstream. I love that I call my grandmother "Baba." I love that everyone in my family are serious connaisseurs of horseradish and that even I (the world's worst gardener) have a whole horseradish patch in my yard that I planted after Easter last year. I love that Easter is on a different day. And I *really* love that darn Easter basket. Because there is nothing quite so yummy as Pascha Bread with butter and honey sitting on your plate next to some keilbasa and horseradish that is so strong it stings your eyes and makes you go HOLY JESUS!!! whenever you eat it.

So what does that all mean. I dont know other than that an athiest can apparently still appreciate Easter Sunday.

Christ has risen y'all

Indeed he do.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a yummy easter basket to me! Who needs chocolate bunnies?