Monday, April 10, 2006

A kind of sucky weekend that ended on a high note

I had a pretty hard weekend. On Thursday evening, I busted the stitches in my leg so I had to go back into the doctor’s office on Friday. The cut was *really* deep but luckily wasn’t infected at all. They said that they couldn’t stitch it up and that I had to spend the weekend not sitting on it. That pretty much meant lying in bed on my stomach for the second weekend in a row.

I wasn’t too worried about it because I had the entire fifth season of Six Feet Under and a couple of good books. And I could take my computer into bed with me since I have a wireless network. It helped that the weather was nice too so I just propped open my backdoor so the dogs could come and go as they needed. So I started watching Six Feet Under and even though it is a really good show and I enjoyed watching it, it was really sad and I found myself weeping uncontrollably for a good part of the weekend. Yeah, that’s right over a TV SHOW. That is how good this show is though. I know “puts me into a terrible depression” probably isn’t the kind of review most people would think of as good but really, how many TV shows can be as touching as that?

All that sobbing and sadness started to make me feel really lonely. And sometimes when I feel really lonely, I don’t take care of myself and call people. I get into this funk where I need people to call me. But no one did. Not even one phone call all weekend which only made me feel even more lonely. It was weird too because usually at least ONE person calls me on any given weekend just to chat. Finally, on Sunday evening I was in about as bad of a space as I have been in a long time so I decided that it was stupid to just expect people to know they should call me. Not to mention that I am usually the kind of friend who doesn’t call people as often as I should anyways. I picked up the phone and it was dead. No dial tone at all. Bleh. So I turned on my cell phone and sure enough there were three messages there from people who had tried to call my land line and hadn’t gotten through. I guess I was loved after all.

One of the calls was from my friend Jen in Hawaii so I called her back but got her husband Terri who is also a friend of mine. We talked for a good hour and a half and that was really nice. They are thinking of moving back to the mainland which means it will be a heck of a lot easier for me to see them. Also, they are planning a trip back here to Michigan later this year. Yay.

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