Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why I had a great Valentine's Day

I got up earlier than usual on Valentines Day because the very first guy in my life was coming over. Yep, I started out the day with my Dad doing me a huge favor. It's not every dad who will drive 45 minutes to pick up his daughter at 7a to drive her to the airport. But my dad is that kind of guy.

Then I got on a plane and flew to San Francisco where I met up with two of my all time favorite people (Gary and Shannon). The three of us spent the afternoon at the de Young museum looking at art. They have a really nice collection there, btw. It was 70 degrees out and sunny and clear. We spent a long time up the tower they have looking out over the city. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

We had a Thai dinner in a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Then Shannon and I dropped Gary off at work. It was funny driving through the financial district because every other guy was walking down the street with a big bunch of flowers. One guy had this really nervous look on his face and I imagined that he was maybe going to finally ask some woman out whom he had been pining over for months and months. I hoped it went well for him. Shannon and I decided that the traffic would be too much since it was 5p and rush hour so we went to a nice cafe in North Beach before spending an hour or so browsing at City Lights Bookstore. City Lights reminded me a bit of a certain bookstore in Ann Arbor before it became a big sterile chain but I wont mention any names but I think most Ann Arborites who have been around for a while might know what I am talking about. It was kind of sad in a way.

Anyways, it was a good day. And I felt kind of good about being single which is very unusual for me to feel on Valentine's Day. But you know, if I werent single, I might not have been able to just pick up and go to California because I found a cheap fare (I guess people dont like to fly on Valentine's Day or something...I dont know but it was a hundred dollars cheaper to fly that day). So it was only because I was single that I got to spend a really great day with a couple of old friends. Old friends who I love a lot. And spending the day with people you love is what the day is all about so there you go.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Valentine's Day! Getting away is so good.

islandarts said...

You got that right Lynne!
i'm glad you had a great Valentines day- i did too :0)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Glad you enjoyed the SF experience. Sorry I couldn't / didn't make it. (The Thai dinner sounds especially great - - - where was the restaurant? My fav Thai restrnt in the world (my world) is on Waller near Fillmore. Pls don't tell me you went there!

Anyway, your email is still all screwy. Anyway, back to job-hunting... Raymond.

aliciarose said...

sounds fun. take lots of pictures!!