Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Rest of the Trip

And now for the last of the pictures from earlier this week.

Nathaniel came up for the big dinner and then the next day we went shopping and out to lunch.

Just hanging out. Right after I took this picture those girls totally cleaned up the mess o books they had going on.

At one of the girls' insistence, Shannon drew a picture to commemorate my visit.

On my last day we went to get haircuts

Here I am sporting the new do

The older sister is getting her haircut in the background. This photo was taken moments before the younger sister realized that her sister was getting a DIFFERENT hair cut. Then there was a melt down because the younger sister naturally wants to be just like the older sister. That never happened when I was growing up *cough* Kids these days!

But a little discussion about how it is ok to pick your friends and it is ok to pick your nose but it is NOT ok to pick your friend's nose quickly restored someone to good spirits.

Finally Gary came up to Sebastopol with a very important question. Does that sign behind me say "analy"?

Why yes it does, Gary, yes it does.

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islandarts said...

Great photo journal Lynne!
You've got some great shots in there.