Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Week

I am in my last week at my current job. It is funny how hard a last week can be. I thought it would be easy because of the whole light at the end of the tunnel effect. But instead, I just want to be gone. I have cleaned out my cube of all of my personal stuff. I am ready to be gone. Oh well, I still have things to do around here to finish up. Mostly I am trying to write documents so that the people they hire off the street with limited computer skills can have a tiny chance of fixing things. I have to admit, though, that the literacy skills of some of the recent hires are so lacking that I am not entirely sure they'll be able to read anything I write down.

One thing that is good about this being my last week is that self evaluations are going to be due for the mid year reviews soon. And I don't have to do one!

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Proshat said...

Everyone says Starting is "HARD" but leaving is much harder. There are a lot of memories involved (good or bad) & a lot of nerve breaking dragging ons & a lot of things that actually you have always done & never thougt about now becomes an issue, becuase either you can not transfer the knowlege to someone else. Or they have become part of you for so long you dont know how to let go.