Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Nova Scotia *and* France?

Yesterday was kind of an anti-Monday. I won a prize at work: a Sony portable DVD player. And when I got home from work, I noticed that my very kind neighbor had mowed my lawn! I am pretty sure it wasn’t the city because whoever mowed my lawn ignored the much longer grass of the lawn on the other side of me and also mowed my neighbor’s lawn.

I was planning a really cool trip this summer but had to cancel it due to cost. About the time I was canceling that trip, a friend presented me with two great opportunities for vacations.

1. Go with her to her family's cottage in Nova Scotia. I have been there before and it is really nice. She is talking about driving there which made me think that maybe it was a sign that I won that DVD Player because it comes with a car adapter and I think that such a thing might be useful with kids in the car.

2. Visit her in France where she and her family are going to be renting a large apartment from October to March. It's in a small town near Switzerland and is about 90 minutes away from Paris by high speed rail.

Naturally I want to do both! And I can if I go to France in February. I think this would be ok especially if I bought a rail pass for France which would allow me to do a short weekend type trip to Paris. I think it is cheaper to go in the winter too. Certainly there are fewer tourists. I wonder if it is really cold there in the winter though. You see if I go to France in February, I wont be able to go to Florida in February which was what I was kind of planning to do.

But you know, I can go to Florida anytime, right?

You know, I have too many places I want to go and not enough time and money. I guess that is everyone’s problem!


Proshat said...

Oh... I would love to visit France sometimes in near future! But hey! You have a lot of options & I'm happy that I dont! I would not be able to choose then!

Raymond said...

My immediate gut feeling is to go for the Nova Scotia option. Closer, same language, might be pretty but NS in Feb might be pretty darn chilly. But a "cottage in Nova Scotia" just sounds a whole lot more charming and less hassle. For me, I think I'd enjoy the photo opps of NS more than I would France (for my kinda photos). I'd be looking for shots that look like the terrain of .. remember that movie "Breaking The Waves"? I imagine that kind of terrain. Me likey! (vs the usual scenes of europe).

However, Switzerland is phenomenally beautiful! I was in St Moritz, and going there from Milan I passed thru probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen in person: Lugano, Switzerland. If you can see that, then take the "France" option (tho Lugano is near the Italian border north of Milan).

Not sure about europe's weather in Feb; I was in Holland in Dec & Jan, and .. Whoa!! Such cold I'd never known!

Florida.. No interest. Eh.

- - R