Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Visit

My friends Terry and Jen came over on Saturday. I was worried because I had to tell them that I couldn’t go on vacation with them this summer. Last fall the three of us discussed going on a vacation together but it was an expensive sort of vacation (around $5k a person) and I was only able to save up about half of the amount which just isn’t enough. But it turned out that I worried for nothing because they aren’t going either and for pretty much the same reason. We’ll have to go to China and ride the choo-choo to Moscow another time.

We had a good day visiting though. There was a good storm in the afternoon and a lot of rain got dumped. The rail road tracks by my house got totally flooded. The water was so high that we weren’t sure we should cross so we had to take the long way to Kluck’s for their yummy hamburgers. Luckily the water had gone down enough for us to cross the rail road tracks by the time we were done getting our food. I wanted to take a walk down to Riverside Park to see if it flooded but I never got around to it.


Proshat said...

A Trip to China & Ride to Russia! WOW! I would have loved to join but as u said it'll be a very expensive vacation!
Well, anything is expensive for me right now! I can't afford to take even 2 days off this summer!

E-Speed said...

$5k for a trip is a lot. I am having a hard time savings $1 k for a trip to Phoenix! :)